iTV Network understands that viewers love to connect through their platform of choice. The network’s digital properties focus on making news and information available at fingertips and offering content that is engaging and interactive. By leveraging popular information-sharing platforms, the network is not only enriching the TV-viewing experience, but it is also creating new ways to take its content to a wider audience.

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A Direct Media operated YouTube channel, Mum Mum TV brings popular nursery rhymes to life through music and animation. The channel has been steadily climbing the popularity charts for providing children with an educative audiovisual experience. Mum Mum TV has an impressive collection of high-quality videos, in English and Hindi, to keep children engaged while also enhancing their knowledge on things around them. Direct Media acknowledges the capacity that technology has to engage children, facilitate the learning process and improve their skills and knowledge. Mum Mum TV is a step towards creating cheerful and educative content that will support the learning and development of its young audience.

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Teekhi Mirchi is an exclusive politoons series and an initiative by iTV Network which focuses exclusively on the most trending news across the nation. It mainly emphasis on the issues trending in India related to politics and bollywood, cricket etc. and creating spoof and humorous videos about the issues.

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