Professor Madhav Nalapat

Editorial Director, iTV Network

Professor Madhav Nalapat is a media personality and well-known academician. As an Editorial Director of the group, Prof. Nalapat brings in a formidable package of experience and skill. He is closely associated with network’s Sunday newspaper, The Sunday Guardian, and contributes regularly to it. His writings have also featured exclusively in other newspapers across the globe including The Asian Wall Street Journal, The Far Eastern Economic Review, CNN and The China Daily. Prof. Nalapat is currently an esteemed member of the advisory board of the London-based quarterly journal The Conservative. In his career as a media professional, he has held several important positions within the Times of India Group including National Coordinating Editor, Chief of National News Bureau, Resident Editor (Delhi) and Resident Editor (Bangalore). Prior to that, he also served as editor for the weekly newspaper, Mathrubhumi.As a seasoned academician, Prof. Nalapat holds the UNESCO Peace Chair at Manipal University, which appointed him as India’s first professor of Geopolitics in 1998. He has developed several concepts in geopolitics, including that of the 21st century Anglosphere, the Proxy Nuclear State and Asian NATO. He has been credited for launching the country’s first India-centric International Relations Program (IR) at the university.